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My Dog’s 4th Birthday At Pet Supplies Plus

It’s my dog’s fourth birthday!

I can’t believe my little angel has been in my life for almost four years. I got Chips when I was just 20 years old – a sophomore in college, right before summer break.


pet supplies plus


My friends and family advised me against getting a pup while being a full-time student. They were worried that I was too young to take care of another being. They said that my schedule would be too much on top of caring for a pup.

It turns out, getting a dog while in school was a great decision. I lived near campus and was able to come home in between classes to take her out for walks. She was never left alone for more than a couple hours, and once summer break hit, I Doordashed part time and was able to create my schedule around her needs. I now have friends that really wish they could get a pup, but don’t have time with their full-time work schedule to train it.

Every year since bringing Chips into my life, I’ve celebrated her birthday and done something special for her. I look forward to giving her a special treat.


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This year, we took a trip to our favorite neighborhood pet store, Pet Supplies Plus. If you’re a pet parent and you haven’t been yet, I would highly recommend it. They have hundreds of locations throughout the country and we got so many goodies for Chips’ birthday!

For just a few dollars, we were able to grab her some bagel shaped biscuits, a couple Pigs’ Ears, and a huge bone. She was happy as a clam when we got home.


pet supplies plus


The staff was so attentive and helpful in answering any questions we had, and they were totally accommodating during our little photoshoot.

If you’re a pet parent and want convenience and a huge selection at great prices, this is the place to go!

Happy Birthday, Chips!




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