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How To Pick The Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions in my DMs about tips and tricks to make your profile stand out on Instagram. I’ve done a couple Instagram audits of my followers profiles to give them some honest advice about organic growth.

One thing that I’ve realized recently is that a lot of smaller bloggers struggle with what photo to choose as their profile picture. You may think that the profile picture is a small piece of the puzzle – but it’s a lot more important than you think! Along the way, I’ve also included some profile pictures from my favorite bloggers.

Credit to @sofiaxisabella

Read on to learn three simple ways to improve your Instagram profile picture.

  1. STOP CHANGING IT! Stop it! I mean it! Okay… I don’t mean to be dramatic. Maybe change it one more time after reading the rest of this post – but there’s no reason for you to change your profile picture weekly, or even monthly. I would aim to change it once a year.

Credit to @rania_mo

You may be wondering why and the answer is a whole lot more simple than you’d expect. Your profile pic is what your followers are going to recognize you by. When you engage with their photos, post Instagram stories, etc. they’ll likely recognize you by your little circle.

If you continuously change out your profile picture, they’ll never know who you are. At first glance, they should see the colors in your photo and instantly realize that it’s you!

2. Make sure it’s on brand. If you post bright, airy photos, ensure that your picture matches with your overall IG aesthetic.

Credit to @312bites

        3. Make sure your profile picture doesn’t have an expiration date. I know… you’re going to be so tempted to make your cute picture of you at the pumpkin patch or in front of the Christmas tree as your profile picture. Don’t do it! By the time spring rolls around, you’ll be so ready to change it.

Credit to @rachelmichella

4.  If it applies to your brand, include a pop of color in your profile picture. It can be the background, a fun prop, or even the color shirt you’re wearing. A pop of color can help your profile be that much more recognizable when your little icon appears!

The most important thing to remember when choosing your profile picture, whether you’re a creator, brand, or small business, is that it’s all a part of your overall brand. When starting your online presence, it’s all in the details.

What are your tips for choosing the perfect profile picture? Let me know in the comments below.

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