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How To Get The Perfect Instagram Feed

We’ve all been there. You open up your favorite blogger or influencer’s Instagram profile, and your eyes are instantly drawn to the color coordinated, beautiful feed. It’s part of the reason why you pressed the follow button in the first place.

All of their photos pop, are edited similarly, and are of high quality. This person is a content creator. For real. And it’s apparent by the cohesiveness of their Instagram.

The importance of the Instagram feed has gone so far, that even brands and restaurant chains are doing it. In my current position as a Social Media Manager, I closely monitor our Instagram feed to ensure that all of the photos fit in well with our gallery.

How do they do this? How do they make it look so perfect? Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been perfected these tips and secrets for years now and I want to share them with you!

I’ve curated a list of steps that you can take to achieve your goal of Insta-perfection.

1. Use Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a game changer – and lucky for you, Lightroom Mobile is free. I use this app Every. Single. Day. You can create your own preset/filter using their settings, or you can purchase one on Etsy. Some of my favorite bloggers even sell their own presets.

I would recommend investing in a preset (you can get them for as cheap as $5). I purchased a few before finally settling on the preset that I use now.

The preset that I’m loving on hard right now really brings out the blue hues, which is perfect for my mermaid aesthetic that I’ve got going on. If you haven’t started using Lightroom and you want to have a great feed, you need to start… yesterday.

2. Take Well Lit Photos

Those presets won’t solve every single one of your problems. You need to be creating high quality content. If you’re shooting with an iphone for now, that’s totally fine, but ensure that you’re using natural light or very bright light in all of your photos.

3. Invest In A Decent Camera

I know that this isn’t what you want to hear. Cameras are expensive, I know. But I have to tell you, once I started using my DSLR on all of my photos, it brought my content to the next level. Every single one of the photos on my feed are taken with a Canon T7i.

I’d definitely recommend the T series for a beginner photographer. They’re easy to use and affordable. If you don’t want to invest in a DSLR, I would recommend getting a digital camera with higher megapixels then your smart phone. Even this would make a tremendous difference in your pictures!

And once you do get a camera…

4. Take Your Camera EVERYWHERE

Carrying around a bulky camera can be really inconvenient, but my content creation was taken to a whole new level once I started lugging mine around. I would suggest investing in a lightweight camera case for when you’re out and about.

Before I started bringing it everywhere, there would be so many times that I’d wish I had my camera with me. Just trust me on this!

5. Use an Instagram planning tool

This is so helpful when it comes to planning your feed. You can see which photos work and what doesn’t, right in the app. My favorites are Later and Planoly. It helps to move things around and see what’s working and what doesn’t.

And on that note…

6. Dedicate an entire day to shooting content

When I take pictures, I spend about 4-5 hours on a Sunday traveling around the city with my photographer (AKA my boyfriend). I bring multiple outfits and shoot about 100 pictures. I usually come out of it with 6-10 posts. Then, I use Planoly to sort my posts so that they flow.

This is so important. If you take one picture at a time, you won’t have any arrangement options.

7. You’re not going to be able to post every picture you want

When I first started caring about my feed… this was a tough pill to swallow. You mean I can’t post that super cute, but admittedly dark photo of me and my boyfriend at a concert?

The answer is a hard no.

It’s going to sadly throw off your feed and deter people from following your account.

If you’re concerned about sharing content that your friends and family care about, such as photos of you and your loved ones… I would suggest starting a new Instagram from start. That way you can continue to post fun photos of you and your friends, and have a separate account where you curate specific content.

That’s all for now! Creating the perfect feed is not easy. It’s going to take work, strategy, and time. But… the result is so rewarding. You’ll see more likes, comments, and follows!

Do you have any more tips for creating the perfect Instagram feed?

Let me know in the comments below!

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