• Emma Bice
    Social Media

    How To Pick The Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

    Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions in my DMs about tips and tricks to make your profile stand out on Instagram. I’ve done a couple Instagram audits of my followers profiles to give them some honest advice about organic growth. One thing that I’ve realized recently is that a lot of smaller bloggers struggle with what photo to choose as their profile picture. You may think that the profile picture is a small piece of the puzzle – but it’s a lot more important than you think! Along the way, I’ve also included some profile pictures from my favorite bloggers. Credit to @sofiaxisabella Read on to learn three…

  • Emma Bice

    MVMT Unboxing

    Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a couple of products from MVMT. I’ve owned an MVMT watch in the past and I absolutely loved it, so when this brand reached out to me about doing a collaboration, I was thrilled. If you’ve never heard of MVMT (pronounced movement), let me fill you in! MVMT began in 2013, so they’re still a relatively new brand. Their mission is to bring “quality, minimalist designs at radically fair prices.” Their company was “empowered by the people through crowdfunding,” and I must say… they have some beautiful designs on their website. A lot of their marketing strategy is based on social media…

  • emma bice

    6 Things To Consider When Looking For Your First REAL Job

    Getting your first job out of college is scary stuff. I’m going to be blunt with you guys, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies for me. I graduated with a degree in Film and Digital Media Production, and graduating with a more creative degree made it that much more difficult. I knew that I wanted a career in Social Media, but didn’t know where to start. Graduation was approaching quickly and I was ready to settle for just about anything to pay the rent. I ended up graduating without a real job. I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you guys… things got really dark those next few months. I…

  • Social Media

    How To Get The Perfect Instagram Feed

    We’ve all been there. You open up your favorite blogger or influencer’s Instagram profile, and your eyes are instantly drawn to the color coordinated, beautiful feed. It’s part of the reason why you pressed the follow button in the first place. All of their photos pop, are edited similarly, and are of high quality. This person is a content creator. For real. And it’s apparent by the cohesiveness of their Instagram. The importance of the Instagram feed has gone so far, that even brands and restaurant chains are doing it. In my current position as a Social Media Manager, I closely monitor our Instagram feed to ensure that all of…

  • greetings from chicago

    10 Unique Spots In Chicago For Instagram Photos

    There is no place I love more than my city. Chicago has so much to offer in terms of dining, entertainment, and fun. But my favorite part of living in Chicago is the endless photo opps that you can visit for free, any time of year. There’s some amazing art and murals throughout the city, along with some unique sites to see. We all know of the well known photo opps that the tourists visit, such as The Sears Tower and The Bean. But what about some of the less known spots? I’m here to help you find some new spots for your next photoshoot and to boost your insta…