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10 Unique Spots In Chicago For Instagram Photos

There is no place I love more than my city. Chicago has so much to offer in terms of dining, entertainment, and fun. But my favorite part of living in Chicago is the endless photo opps that you can visit for free, any time of year.

There’s some amazing art and murals throughout the city, along with some unique sites to see. We all know of the well known photo opps that the tourists visit, such as The Sears Tower and The Bean. But what about some of the less known spots?

I’m here to help you find some new spots for your next photoshoot and to boost your insta game.

  1. Green Bean Heart

This mural is by far my favorite in all of Chicago. It’s located at the Green Bean Nursery Day School at 2214 N. Elston. It’s on a garage door and is so bright and fun!

Green Bean Heart

2. Robin Williams Mural

I love Robin Williams. So does Chicago. This tribute mural is one of the most beautiful works of art on the streets of Chicago, in my opinion. It can be found at 2047 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Logan Square.

Robin williams mural

3. Cupcake ATM at Sprinkles

If you live in Chicago and haven’t gotten a cupcake from Sprinkles yet… shame on you. But the cupcake ATM outside the bakery located at 50 E Walton St, Chicago, IL and makes for a great photo opp.

cupcake atm

4. CTA Stairs In The Loop

These stairs are iconic to Chicago and are perfect if you’re a street fashion blogger. They’re super grungy looking and can make for an interesting photo. You can find stairs like this off of most CTA stops in the loop. This one was taken at a stop near The Chicago Theater.

cta stairs chicago

5. Big Monster Toys Door

I’m absolutely obsessed with this door and I feel like I don’t see it a whole lot on Chicago blogger’s Instagrams. You can find this super fun door at  21 S Racine Ave in the West Loop.

big monster toys door

6. Pizza Wings Mural at Parlor Pizza

If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’ve seen a million different photos featuring huge wings. These one’s take the cake. Or maybe the pie. You can find them at 840 W. Washington Blvd in the West Loop.

pizza wings parlor pizza

Federales Wings 1009 W Lake St

I know what you’re thinking. Two wing murals in a row? But this one is just as awesome as the last. This West Loop mural is an all time favorite of mine.

8. Greetings From Chicago Mural

The best part about this mural is that it’s located right across the street from the Robin Williams mural, so you can get two awesome photos in one day. You can find it in Logan Square and you won’t be sorry!

greetings from chicago mural

9. Graffiti Barn in Fulton Market

This murals can be found at 910 W Kinzie St. They’re so bright and beautiful. They can be a little difficult to find them, but it’s worth looking for.

west loop murals

10. Pint Pub + Kitchen Phone Booth

It’s a little difficult to get the perfect shot in this phone booth – I’ll be totally honest. There’s SO much foot traffic in this area of Wicker Park. But if you can make it work, it’s so cute. You can find the phone booth at 1547 N Milwaukee Ave.

wicker park phone booth

That’s all for now! Did I miss any of your favorite photoshoot spots in Chicago? Let me know what yours are in the comments!

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